About Mark Burns

Green River Wealth Strategies slogan is "helping you prepare for what is downstream", which is what Mark Burns has been doing since 2007 when he joined the Waddell & Reed team.

Mark identifies with the concept of a river, since he is a white water rafting expert. He has been trusted to guide rafters down the stream, and then is also trusted to guide his clients with their investments.

Mark says, "One thing that made the Green River Gorge my favorite river was the many shades of Green that are all along the banks of the river as I ride the rapids through the difficult, narrow gorge.

The rapids change quickly and navigation is limited to expert boaters only as there is no exit from the Gorge for many stretches, including one six mile stretch with very steep walls which make exiting the gorge or rescuing a boater in the Gorge extremely difficult.

Along the way to becoming known as one of the premier expert whitewater rafters in Washington state, the forested banks of the Green River Gorge have always provided me comfort as I learned the river and adapted to the challenges that it presented. The river is never the same run twice, the forest is never the same either.  As I boat this river in different seasons, the colors of Green are always changing and it seems that the colors of Green are unlimited in what I will see. I have rowed or paddled the river when the river is every shade from extremely clear at lower levels and I have run the river when the river was a dark chocolate milkshake color after severe rain events.   The color of the river becomes white at places where the water squeezes between or over the large boulders of the Class 3 to 5 rapids at the levels that I run it. Every color of the river is impacted by the green hues of the forested banks along the way".

Mark operates his business with much the same attitude of constant adaptation to the conditions of "the river".

Client Centered

Client Centered

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